General terms and conditions

Advertising conditions


1. Basic concepts and subject of the portal

2. Basic conditions

3. Privacy

4. Registration and login

5. Adjustment of advertising data

6. User behavior

7. Account access

8. Adding and editing ads

9. Complaints

10. Liability for damage

11. Account cancellation

12. Final provisions

1. Basic concepts and subject of the portal

The portal is used to mediate the supply and demand of goods and services between users, such as advertisers or buyers.


Beáta Višňovská - LALA MARKET

Wolkrova 1105/37, 851 01 Bratislava – Petržalka

IČO: 51 484 005

DIČ: 1048972463


Users can be:

- private seller, which is an individual selling private property

- corporate seller, which can be an individual or legal person selling the objects of their business


- an individual or legal person who uses the portal to search and buy goods and services, evaluate them, contact advertisers

2. Basic conditions

1. The operator acts exclusively as an intermediary of trade between sellers and buyers. It has no influence or responsibility for the content of the advertisements, the evaluation of the advertisements or for the sent emails and complaints. It is also not responsible for the purchase and sale process between the participants in the trade, namely for product quality, delivery and payment.

2. The right to use the services of the portal is acquired by the user only after the approval of the business conditions.

3. The Operator has the right to link the portal also with other portals to which it has rights or is also their Operator.

4. The services of the portal are charged. Advertisements are charged for the STANDARD package at € 2.99 or the PREMIUM package at € 4.99 for private individuals. The advertisement is valid indefinitely until the user deletes or deactivates it by a successful sale.

5. In the event that the user leaves his opinion or reminder within the use of the portal services electronically, by post or in another way, he provides the Operator with the rights to these results of his activities, even then, if they are a work in accordance with Act no. 618/2003 of the Copyright Act and Rights Related to Copyright (Copyright Act) as amended, (hereinafter referred to as the Contributions): to use, modify, distribute, copy, transmit, publicly exhibit, publicly perform, reproduce, publish, sublicense, transfer or transmit any communications of this type and create derivative works thereof, sublicense to a third party unlimited rights to exercise any prior rights granted in relation to these Contributions. The operator is not obliged to submit these contributions. He/she may remove these posts from the Website at any time in his sole discretion.

6. The User hereby agrees to be contacted through the Operator for the purpose of information or advertising, by electronic means, which he/she has stated in connection with the use of the Portal services. Messages are not considered spam by the Operator. If the user does not agree with them, he/she can appeal in writing via the e-mail address

3. Privacy

1. According to regulation Act no. 122/2013 Coll. on the protection of personal data, as amended, the User provides the Operator with personal data for the purpose of providing services on the portal The User thus agrees that the Operator shall process and handle this data in accordance with Art. of the Personal Data Protection Act.

2. By registering on this portal, the user agrees to the processing, collection and use of this information.

3. The Operator has the right to declassify the data of the Portal User. It may do so if it is necessary from the point of view of compliance with the law or in legal disputes or administrative proceedings conducted with the Operator, or against the Operator in order to prevent or protect the rights of the Operator or the operators of the Interconnected Portals. It may also do so to protect the personal safety of Product Users.

4. The personal data of the user are used by the Operator only within the limits of the Personal Data Protection Act. The operator keeps only the name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, company name, ID number and address, as entered by the seller when adding the advertisement or in the user account.

5. The User is aware that personal data that has been voluntarily provided to the Operator may be made available on the servers to third parties. The Operator is not responsible for the misuse of data published in sellers’ offers by the third parties.

4. Registration and login

User Registration

1. User registration is not required, but it may provide additional ad management options. Registered users can act as both a Private Advertiser and a Corporate Advertiser.

2. Registered users use their account at This ID serves them as a unique identifier, which is also used to log in to the system. Under their ID, users can add and edit ads.

3. By registering in the system, the user gives the Operator consent to the publication of his/her own contacts and identification data in his/her advertisements.

User login

The user is responsible for his/her account, for the activities performed through it and is obliged to keep his/her data confidential. He/she is also obliged to contact the Operator in case of detection of unauthorized use of his/her user account and his/her data. The user, not the operator, is responsible for damages caused by non-compliance with these Advertising Conditions.

5. Adjustment of advertising data

1. The User is also obliged to keep his/her contact details true, accurate and up-to-date throughout the use of the portal services. If he/she fails to do so, the Operator reserves the right to delete the User's offer, while it is not his/her obligation to notify the User of this fact.

2. If the User fills in false information, his/her account may be suspended or cancelled altogether.

3. Contact details can be changed at any time in the user account, in the section "Edit data", in the event of a change in the facts stated in the contact form. In this section it is also possible to set to enable (deactivate) the use of e-mail notification of messages. Data related to the account can be changed only in the profile of this account.

6. User behavior

1. The user is responsible for the content of their own published offers (advertisements). He/she is obliged that its content, including text and photographs, is in accordance with the legislative standards of the Slovak Republic.

- The User can advertise and sell only those items that are allowed to sell in the Slovak Republic and acquired in accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic, the User has all rights settled to them.

- The User is prohibited from adding offers that interfere with the rights of other Users, disparages their good name, damages national, ethnic or religious feelings and is not in accordance with the Act on the State Language of the Slovak Republic.

- It may not offer products or services in her/his offer other than those directly related to that offer. Also, a user may not post the same offer multiple times if the original offer is still valid.

- A specific product can always be advertised. Advertising is prohibited for the business as a whole, except in the case of paid advertising products, especially banner advertising.

2. The operator has the right to delete the seller's offer, if the seller is unable to prove his/her identity or ownership of the advertised item. The means of confirmation may be a telephone number where the seller can be contacted and the ownership relationship can be proved by sending a document such as a guarantee certificate.

3. The Operator may delete the seller's offer without notice even if the User adds advertisements under several accounts on

4. The user also undertakes that his/her actions, activities and advertisements added by him/her will be in accordance with the Advertising Conditions.

5. The user is prohibited from using the portal and the services of the portal for purposes that in any way contradict the law and these Terms. The User is not entitled to use the services of the portal in such a way that it would damage, overload, disable or otherwise impair the function of the servers operated by the Administrator or its partners. It also has no right to obtain or attempt to obtain any publicly inaccessible materials or information relating to the services of the Portal or provided through servers operated by the Administrator.

6. Advertising within the business activity is permitted only through your company account.

7. The user undertakes that his/her activity on the portal and the advertisements added by him/her will be in accordance with the Advertising Conditions, i.e. that his conduct will be in accordance with the Terms of Advertising.

7. Account access

Advertising services can be accessed immediately after filling in the contact information - private advertiser, or after administrator verification - corporate advertiser. If all data are correct, the ID number is located in the company register or trade register of the Slovak Republic and the other listed information agrees with the extract from the register. The Operator contacts the Company advertiser by e-mail regarding access to the service.

8. Adding and editing ads

The user can add an ad as follows:

1. Inserting an advertisement using the "Create offer" interface on

Using the "Create offer" tab located on the top bar, it is possible to access a simple form for adding an advertisement. It is necessary to fill in all mandatory fields, which are marked with the symbol ‘*’. It is also possible to attach photos or an address with the contacts of a specific branch in the case of a corporate advertiser. The advertisement is valid indefinitely until the User deletes or deactivates it.

It is forbidden to advertise on the portal if:

- services of identical content such as,

- excessive amount of goods, in 1 advertisement it is possible to advertise only 1 specific product,

- advertisements listed in a language other than Slovak, Czech and English as well as incorrect Slovak, Czech and English, foreign computer robots,

- fast and free earnings, advertisements that lead to content such as:, work with the required fee in advance,

- audio text numbers and SMS with special tariffing,

- weight loss,

- multilevel systems, commission systems, pyramid games,

- erotic ads, Livechat, companions, dancers, hostesses, escorts, and other erotic job offers.

It is forbidden to sell:

- copied CDs, DVDs, imitations, plagiarism,

- medicines, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs,

- notebooks, invoices, documents, technical cards,

- company websites and their logos,

- chip tuning, power boxes,

- fuel.

It is also forbidden to:

- write whole words in capital letters, unless the words are mentioned in the role of abbreviations,

- insert characters like "@ * # $% ^ & !?", a web address into the title or text of the ad, or insert wordings like "more info in the e-mail" or the like, as there is enough space for the text of the ad to fit it full description,

- add framed or otherwise highlighted photos, 

- use superlatives and claims that cannot be verified,

- use interrogative, imperative and exclamation sentences and abbreviations such as - etc., and others, and the like, resp. their equivalents,

- promotion with formulas like "see for yourself, we look forward to seeing you" and others.

Editing ads

In the section "My created offers" it is possible to change, add or delete ads at any time during the validity of the ads.

9. Complaints

Complaints are governed by the Complaints Procedure If the User is interested in a complaint, it is his duty to contact the Operator in writing at the e-mail address, while the complaint must contain a specific description of the claimed fact.

The operator is obliged to:

- Check each complaint and if the complaint is justified, it is his/her responsibility to take the necessary steps to fulfil it.

- Inform the User of your opinion on the subject of the complaint. If the subject of the complaint is relevant, he/she is obliged to inform the User about the findings and solutions on how to correct the subject of the complaint. The complaint will be settled within 30 days from the date of delivery of the complaint.

10. Liability for damage

The user uses the services of the portal exclusively at his own risk.

The operator is not responsible for:

- activity of the Users of the Portal services,

- for the way they use the services of the Portal,

- for possible misuse of the Portal services by the User or third parties,

- for damages that would be incurred by the User or third parties directly, indirectly or accidentally as a result of or in connection with the use of the services of the portal,

- for damages that would be incurred by the User or third parties as a result of the impossibility of using the services of the portal,

- for the content of published advertisements, including text and photos,

- for any damage that could be caused to the user in connection with the use of services on the advertising portal,

- for the continuous functionality of, has the right to shut down the portal without any notice and giving a reason.

11. Account cancellation

1. The Operator hereby reserves the right to cancel the User's Account in accordance with the Advertising Conditions without prior notice. It may do so in:

a. violation of laws and legal norms of the Slovak Republic and the European Union or the Conditions of Advertising,

b. long-term inactivity of the User, this means if he/she does not log in to the server at least once in the last 21 days from the first logout, or if he/she does not log in to the server within 6 months,

c. the User's request to cancel the account,

d. damage to the Provider or another User.

2. The User may be denied access to the account, removed advertisements and ratings, or he/she may be removed from the system himself/herself due to damage to the Provider, another User or violation of the Advertising Conditions.

12. Final provisions

1. The conditions of advertising on the portal come into force on the day of publication. The Operator is entitled to change the provisions of these conditions at any time, while the change of conditions takes effect at the time of publication on the Portal website. The user is obliged to regularly monitor changes in the conditions, by continuing to use the services of the portal, confirming that he agrees with their changes.

2. The mutual relationship between the User and the Operator is managed in accordance with Art. § 262 par. 1 of the Commercial Code to be administered by the Commercial Code.

3. The Operator's right is to change, innovate and otherwise modify the services of the portal and is not obliged to notify the User accordingly.

4. The user also undertakes to comply with the conditions of the portal, which apply simultaneously with the conditions of advertising.