Return policy


1. General provisions

2. Entitlement to the claim

3. Complaints equipment and warranty period

4. Disclaimer of complaint

5. Final provisions

1. General provisions

The Complaints Procedure applies exclusively to services purchased by users from the operator Beáta Višňovská - LALA MARKET, Wolkrova 1105/37, 851 01 Bratislava - Petržalka IČO: 51 484 005 DIČ: 1048972463 (hereinafter referred to as the "Provider") via the website, provider.

By registering and activating the paid service on the server, the user confirms that he/she has been acquainted with the complaint procedure and warranty conditions. Unless otherwise stated in the warranty conditions, the complaint procedure is valid for all cases.

2. Entitlement to the claim

The user's right to file a complaint with the provider arises for defects in paid services showing incorrect provision, which could have been caused by the provider.

The user, after the occurrence of a defect, notifies the user in a verifiable form that an interruption of operation or incorrect parameters has been detected. It is the Provider's responsibility to determine the cause of the defect in the service, unless otherwise provided, within 24 hours of notification of the defect.

Every user is obliged to get acquainted with the service and its use when purchasing it. If he/she fails to do so, he/she agrees that the service is provided without error. Complaints can only be made if they prove defects that this service already had at the time of purchase.

The warranty period is defined in Article 3. During its duration, the user has the right to free removal of defects in this service at the provider. If the given service shows defects, the user has the right to file a complaint, in writing in electronic form, demonstrably in the provider's premises, which is listed on the provider's website.

Complaints can be lodged with the provider or with its employee authorized to handle complaints. When making a complaint about an incorrectly provided service, the user is obliged to allege a defect in the incorrectly provided service and to state the right that he/she requires when handling the complaint. The user is also obliged to complain about defects in the service to the provider without undue delay during the warranty period, otherwise the user's right expires.

The method of handling the complaint will be determined immediately or no later than 3 working days from the date of the complaint, if a technical assessment of the condition is required within 30 days at the latest. The method shall be determined by the provider, an employee authorized by him or another obligated designated person. Complaints will be settled immediately after determining the method of equipment, or no later than 30 days from the application in complex cases.

By acknowledging receipt of the complaint issued by the provider to the user, both parties acknowledge and agree that if the user can demonstrably file a complaint in electronic form, all documents relating to the receipt and handling of complaints regarding the complaint will be sent to the user in electronic form. Furthermore, it is up to the user to read the documents sent in this way.

The right to make a complaint does not arise in the case of defects of which the provider was notified at the time of concluding the contract or of which he/she must have known, taking into account the circumstances under which the contract was concluded. The provider's right is to replace the defective service with a service without defects.

3. Complaints equipment and warranty period

Method of handling the complaint

If the service defect can be remedied, the complaint will be processed free of charge and on time. The provider will either eliminate the defect or deliver a new service without delay. If it is not possible to eliminate the defect, the provider will provide a new adequate service. If he cannot deliver a new adequate service, he will return the reasonable price to the user for the defectively provided service. The complaint always relates only to the description of the defect provided by the user.

Complaint form

Warranty period

The warranty period is limited by its time validity, unless otherwise specified for specific cases, the warranty period lasts during the period of its provision from the date of purchase of the service. If the user was not able to use his/her service during the period of handling the complaint, the warranty period is extended by this period.

4. Disclaimer of complaint

Complaints are rejected in the following cases:

- if the user has nothing to prove the purchase of the service from the provider,

- if the warranty period has expired,

- if the user has not reported obvious defects, immediately after purchase,

- if the service has been damaged by the user,

- if unsolicited treatment of the service was found, the user used the service in violation of the general and supplementary rules of the server and valid legal regulations of the Slovak Republic,

- due to force majeure.

Complaints are also rejected in cases where the user is not responsible for service failures caused by circumstances that he could not influence or avert. Such cases include:

- damage caused by failure or unsuitability of the user's own technical equipment,

- mishandling of the service,

- causing damage in the technical solution of the service,

- interruption of the internet connection caused by its provider.

The provider may be liable for defects in the service that are demonstrably caused by a breach of obligations or legal regulations valid in the Slovak Republic.

5. Final provisions

The provider has the right to change this complaint procedure. By placing the complaint procedure on the servers, the obligation to notify the change in writing in this complaint procedure is fulfilled. Relationships that are not regulated by this Complaints Procedure are regulated by the Civil Code. The complaint procedure becomes effective by registering on the server

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